Enterprise Delivery Playground Ltd.

Enterprise Delivery Playground Ltd is a company that was created in Sofia, Bulgaria in November 2016 by Momchil Minchev. The founder had different SAP technical roles during the years in several multinational companies like Coca-Cola Hellenic, Ideal Standard, Exertis Supply Chain Services, Nokia, Metro and BASF.

With gathered expertise of more than 14 years the company is able provide successful outcome of your SAP related projects from SAP ABAP technical and Project management perspective.

During the planning, design and implementation phases of the project we strive not only to deliver but to provide quality, sustain the capability of the internal and customer’s IT teams. During all phases, we provide transparency and predictability of our steps.

Focusing on the business requirements we are ready to provide different options for implementation where this is applicable. These options could provide our customer to choose between different levels of quality, risk, time for realization and budget considering the best IT and project management practices.

Our personal interests and goals are related to the shortened time for delivery, sustainability of implementation, higher success factors for the IT projects, adaptability of the IT teams to the constantly changing environment.

Our Team

Our team is still small. It consists of the founder Momchil Minchev and his long time associate Galina Petronova.

Momchil Minchev is an SAP ABAP developer and a technical lead.

The company is also supported by a network of SAP professionals (project managers developers, consultants, administrators), usually former colleagues, who help us with specific tasks in our projects.

Enterprise delivery playground is not limited only to SAP technologies and cooperates also with other companies that implement .NET/C#, Java and C/C++ frameworks.

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Our Skills

SCM/APO development
CRM development, WebUI/BOL/GenIL

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